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One of  the best times to take an enema is before going to bed, so you can take advantage of the relaxed hydrated state of the body. Some take enemas just to help relax after a stressful day. There are lots of reasons for taking an enema, other than being constipated. I suggest learning to use enemas, before you think that you will need one.

Getting Started

Fill an enema bag with approximately 2 quarts of filtered, never use plain tap Water
It contains too many impurities.

The water should be 101-103 Fahrenheit For your colons' sake, NEVER GUESS at the water temperature. USE A THERMOMETER.


Add solution to enema bag, mixing with warm filtered water to achieve the required amount of solution.
Hang enema bag about 18 in. to 3 ft. above rectum. A good tool for this is the IV Stand for Enemas
If you need good flow control for the enema solution.  A ramp clamp is a good option.

The Knee-chest position with chest against floor and rectum higher than head this is a best position to receive an enema.
Insert nozzle/rectal tube tip into anus, using a good lubricant (Super Salve  Surgilube  Vaseline 13oz.   Astroglide
 KY Warming Liquid Lubricant) as needed. using a good lubricant will help prevent injury to the delicate anal tissues.

Inject solution into rectum very slowly, approximately  cup per minute (4oz.) and take as much as possible , you can refill bag if needed. Try to slightly distend the colon or until it becomes very uncomfortable to take any more solution.  You may experience some cramping because the solution is cool, just stop the flow for a few seconds until the cramps subside.  Then restart the enema.
  Massaging abdomen in counter-clockwise direction during the injection will distribute the solution throughout the colon.
Massage Abdomen When Receiving an Enema

When the enema bag is empty or no more fluid can be taken remove nozzle/rectal tube
For those that have trouble retaining the nozzle and or the solution.
  You might want to try a retention nozzle  during the administration of the enema.

 Some people use a retention plug after they received their enema solution and removed the nozzle to retain their enema for the desired amount of time. You can also fold a washcloth and press it tightly against the anus.

Retain the solution for several minutes as, this will allow the enema to do its job.

Then you can move to the toilet and release the enema.

When having a normal bowel movement or releasing an enema:
You can massage the abdomen in a clockwise direction this will help move the solution back toward the rectum and anus.
Massage Abdomen When Expelling an Enema

Massaging the abdomen while expelling the enema helps move the enema solution , gas and feces toward the rectum and out the anus.

The best position for expelling your enema is squatting over the toilet not sitting on it. The squatting position puts pressure on your abdomen from your thighs.

In many countries, toilets are made so that people squat when they move their bowels. The Welles Step positions your body so that you are squatting when you sit on the toilet. Squatting,  supports the abdominal wall and the bowel as we bear down, brings about an easier bowel evacuation in this way.
People who use the Welles Step tend to have fewer hemorrhoids, hernias, anal fissures, varicose veins and almost never have to use laxatives.
It slides under the toilet when not in use.

Welles Step  to help squat over the toilet when expelling

It is best if you place a  Welles Step  and then squat down over the toilet to release your enema.

This type of  enema, is useful to clean out approximately the rectum and sigmoid colon even part of the descending colon and to hydrate the body. It can be used in any of these positions:
(1)  In a knee-chest position with buttocks in the air.
(2)  In left lateral side position the most often used enema position
(3)  In Right lateral side position for filling the last part of the colon and cecum.
(4)  On back with knees up and apart, feet apart, (my preference for comfort).
(5)  While Sitting on the toilet  taking an enema in this position can be uncomfortable because it puts pressure on the anus starting the reflex to defecate. However, it is an option, especially for those not so agile at jumping up and getting to the toilet. Many people require the assistance of another to help with the mechanics of the procedure.

While home enemas should be a regular part of personal health care, The addition of various implants allow the enemas used to nourish colon tissue, reduce fever, relieve tension, and diminish pain. Home enemas can often make fewer Colonics more effective.


Warning: Do not use enemas or laxatives if abdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting are present unless directed by your health care provider.
Rectal bleeding or failure to have a bowel movement after use of a laxative or enema may indicate a serious condition.
Discontinue use and consult your health care provider.

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