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An enema is the introduction of fluid into the rectum and large intestine.
Enemas are given to remove feces or waste material, parasites from the lower bowel or for medical reasons.
Sometimes enemas are used for relaxation and too relieve stress.  Many will use an enema for pleasure.

Recommended amounts of enema solution:
Always check with your health care practitioner before using an enema on children.
0-6 mos.
120-150ml (4-6 ounces) "Maximum"

6 mos-18mos.
150-250ml (6 ounces-10 ounces)  "Maximum"

Toddlers-preschool age:
18 mos-5 yrs.
300ml (16 ounces)   "Maximum"

School age-adolescent:
5 yrs-13 yrs
480-1000 ml (16-32 ounces)

(It is usually best to give an Enema at the same time every day.)


Hypnotic saline solution is recommended for infants and young people
Mix one level teaspoon of salt with 4 cups (32 ounces)
of warm tap water (Temperature 103°Fahrenheit or 39°centigrade)


1 .A clean enema bag with tubing (You can get any enema supplies Here)

2. Lubricant: water soluble lubricant  (Excellent source of lubricants)

3.Several Thick towels and wash cloths.

4. 2 qt. measuring container


1.Explain why you are giving the enema. You should tell them they may feel like they have to go to the bathroom while the solution is flowing in.
If this happens, have the person take deep breathes and breathe out through his mouth to help relieve this feeling also stop the flow until the feeling eases, then resume the enema flow.

2.Place a towel on the bed or floor under your recipients hips. If possible, do an enema on a tiled floor rather than a carpeted floor that has a bath towel placed on it.

3.Have the person lie on his left side with right leg flexed toward his chest.  Your recipient may also lie flat for 1/3 of the solution, left side for 1/3 of the solution and right side for 1/3 of solution, or as indicated by your doctor or nurse.


1. Clamp the tubing.

2. Lubricate the tip of the rectal/colon tube.

3. Pour the amount of solution as directed by your health care practitioner into the bag.

4. Unclamp the tubing and allow a small amount of the solution to run into a container.

5. Test the solution by dripping a few drops on your wrist. It should feel warm, never hot.
 Temperature 103°Fahrenheit

6. Clamp the tubing and  then gently insert the open end of the tubing into the recipients anus. (infants = 1 inch - 1.5 inch; an older person about 2 - 3") no more than 4", at an angle pointing towards the navel. (If there is any resistance when inserting the nozzle or the solution, carefully withdraw the nozzle and carefully try a different angle; if you continue to have difficulty, discontinue the procedure and call your health care practitioner.)
7. Hold or hang the enema bag approximately 12-18" above the recipients hips. Allow solution to run into rectum slowly (about 100 ml/min "8ozs."). If the solution starts to run out of the rectum, briefly squeeze the recipients buttocks firmly together around the tube.

8. When cramping occurs, the recipient may tell you it hurts or may draw the into the fetal position.
To stop cramping, shut off the flow of solution for a few seconds or as long as it takes for the cramping to subside by pinching or clamping the tubing shut.

9. When all the solution has run in, clamp the tubing and remove it from the recipients anus.

10.Ask the recipient to remain in the same position until the urge to release the solution is very strong. (Usually within 5 to15 minutes)

11. If your recipient has a hard time retaining the solution you can fold a wash cloth and firmly hold it on their anus, hold it there until they are ready to evacuate.


Have the recipient move to suitable place to release the solution usually the toilet. Check what type of bowel movement he or she had
(hard, formed, runny) and the amount of solution released.It usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete evacuation of a 2 quart enema.
(Most of the enema solution should be released)

Warning: Do not use enemas or laxatives if abdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting are present unless directed by your health care provider.
Rectal bleeding or failure to have a bowel movement after use of a laxative or enema may indicate a serious condition.
Discontinue use and consult your health care provider.

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