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 What is a Air Enema ?
It is where air is injected into the rectum and or colon to completely distend part of or the entire large intestine.

However there are people that wish to feel the distention of the colon without having to fill there intestine with a enema solution.

  Their are times when people want too experience of feeling a full colon without having to sit on the toilet and wait to expel enema solution and feces.  This can be done by injecting plain ordinary air into the colon with a syringe.
Be aware that injecting air into the colon will probably produce cramps.

The best type of syringe for doing this is the Higginson syringe. Or an inline bulb syringe.
hygsyg1.jpg (21754 bytes)
 You can insert the nozzle end into the anus and pump as much air as you are comfortable with. Or you can also place the suction end of the tube into a bowl of enema solution and take as much enema solution as you want.
You can also use an adult bulb enema syringe to inject  air into the colon

 Medical Type Air Enema:

  (Test type1) This  test uses a special x-ray machine that take many pictures of the inside of the abdomen showing the distended colon. A computer then transforms this into a 3-D  colored image.


  1.Before you come to the hospital, you need to do several things to get ready for the test.
For children explain to them what is going to happen use simple words and explain only right before the test.

   2.On the day before the test, you may have nothing but clear liquids all day. You should not eat any solid food, and may drink only clear liquids. Clear liquids include: water, broth, clear juices such as apple or cranberry, and fruit punch, Cool-Aid or soft drinks. If you are taking medicine ordered by a doctor, give take at their scheduled times.

   3.You will need to drink two doses of a liquid laxative before the test. If you will be coming to a Hospital as an outpatient for this test, you will need to buy the laxative (Magnesium Citrate) at a local pharmacy. Give the Magnesium Citrate about 3:00 pm on the day before the test, and again at bedtime the night before the test. You may also take an enema series to help clear out your colon.

   4.On the day of the test, you should not eat or drink anything for four ( 4 ) hours before the test, may also take 2 or 3 warm water high enemas, High meaning enough water to complexly fill and distend the entire colon. Be sure all enema solution is expelled from the colon before going to the appointment.

   5.Report to the  Hospital Radiology Department reception desk at the scheduled time. You will need to fill out some forms or answer some questions to register  before the test. Sometimes, there is a short wait before the test begins,. If you have questions about preparation for the test, call the Hospital Radiology Department

   1.The Radiologist will tell you when you may leave, usually after all the x-ray pictures are taken. You may return to normal daily activities. Results of the test will be sent to your doctor s office. He/She will contact you about the results.

   2.After the test, it is helpful for you  to drink plenty of liquids to help  to pass the barium out of your colon. Take plenty liquids like juices, water, Kool-Aid, or fruit punch. You can also take a warm water high enema to help remove any residue left in the colon


   1.During the test, you will lie on the x-ray table. You will be given an enema of special liquid called BARIUM.
After this enema, some of the barium will be drained out, and an enema of air will be given. The barium will show up outlining  your colon on the x-rays. After the enema is given, the x-ray technologist or doctor (radiologist) will take x-rays of your belly.
   2.Nothing will hurt you during the test, but you will need to lie still on the x-ray table. If you are unable to lie still, he/she will be restrained with a special seat belt. This test lasts about one hour or sometimes longer. The x-ray technologist will keep you informed.

   Don't mix air and water. If you have taken an enema, make sure you get all the water out before you put the air in. A mixture of water and air in the colon causes unbelievable cramps.

   (Test type2) This test uses a special visual device that looks like a very long catheter and has a light on the end to illuminate the inside of the intestinal tract.


  1.  Your colon will be injected with air until it is completely distended throughout the entire colon.

  2. Many people prefer to be sedated during this procedure as it can be very uncomfortable even painful as the tube passes through the colon.

  3. Then the physician or technician will insert the visual instrument into your rectum and start viewing the inside of the colon lining, he or she will keep inserting the instrument until they reach the end of the colon and cecum.

  4. Visual instrument fully inserted into the colon

  5. Sometimes during the procedure they will add more air to the intestines. Then the instrument will be slowly removed while still viewing the intestinal lining. After which you will be allowed to release the air.

  6. When you return home you may wish to take a couple of enemas to help remove air left in the colon.

Types of syringes you can use.

  This enema can be achieved in a couple of ways.

 You can use a bulb syringe
esbulb.gif (13711 bytes)
and inject bulb after bulb full of air into your rectum until you are completely filled.


    (2)   You can remove the hose from your enema bag and insert the nozzle and into your rectum
and the other end into your mouth then blow air into your rectum until you achieve a full feeling.
If your syringe is a multi-use water bottle, enema bag, douche, fountain syringe
escombo.gif (20344 bytes) combo-syringe.jpg (22171 bytes)
You inflate the bag with air clamp off the tubing. Then insert the nozzle into your rectum, release clamp and squeeze the bag.

   A syringe that works absolutely great for an Air Enema is a Higginson Syringe
 hygsyg1.jpg (5425 bytes)
This easy to use, surgical quality syringe allows you to place one end of the syringe into enema solution and siphon or pump as much liquid as necessary into your colon
  Or  Leave the tube out out of the solution and pump air into the colon.
This easy to use hand pump allows you to inject much air and you can take. A must have for any enema enthusiast!

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Warning: Do not use enemas or laxatives if abdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting are present unless directed by your health care provider.
Rectal bleeding or failure to have a bowel movement after use of a laxative or enema may indicate a serious condition.
Discontinue use and consult your health care provider.

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