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Medium to Large  colon tube

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This colon tube is FR 38 X 30 inches long.
FR 38= aprox.½ in dia.

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A variety of: colon tubes  to choose from.

They are Safe When used correctly ! ! and I mean safely !
Never Ever Force a colon tube !
When inserting a colon tube the more lubrication the better.
Many people will inject a few ounces of lubricant into the rectum to help facilitate deep insertion of the colon tube.
A small prefilled enema is convenient and easy to use. A pre-filled mineral oil enema is good for this.

Unlike an enema nozzle which is only inserted just inside the rectum, a colon tube is designed to be inserted deeper into the intestinal tract sometimes as far as the cecum.

The term French or (FR) is the measuremint of the diameter of the tube. A 14 French tube is fairly small less than ¼ inch in diameter. A 48 French is about ¾ inch in diameter.

A colon tube allows the water from an enema to be injected higher in the colon than a normal enema nozzle that fills the rectum causing pressure to expel. Colon tubes allow you to reach the second half of the colon directly. If you find that enemas don't seem to produce as good a bowel movement or if you tend to leak when you receive an enema, colon tubes can help to resolve some of these problems. In addition, if you are taking coffee enemas for detoxing or if you want to implant a substance deep into your colon so that it is easier for you to hold for the day, a colon tube is an excellent tool for your enema collection

Colon tubes are often used by people who use a high enema  for cleansing. They can also used by people with hemorrhoids. Some colon tubes are small and soft enough to be inserted past the problem area without much irritation.
 By injecting fluids higher into the colon the recipient will  feel less pressure in the rectum. This helps soften the stool further along the intestinal tract to help feces pass the hemorrhoids without as much pain.

Also using a stool softener such as oil is of great benefit. Oil enemas can be purchased in small
disposable type enemas or just add mineral oil or olive oil to your enema bag. If you were going to use oil in your enema bag  remember that oil destroys rubber so you'll probably want to use the plastic disposable enema bag .


French Scale Conversion


mm (OD)

 inches (OD)

12 4.0 0.160
14 4.7 0.185
16 5.3 0.210
18 6.0 0.240
20 6.7 0.265= ¼in.+
22 7.4 0.295
24 8.0 0.320
26 8.7 0.345
28 9.4 0.375
30 10.0 0.400
32 10.7 0.425
34 11.3 0.455
36 12.0 0.480
38 12.7 0.500 = ½ in.
40 13.4 0.530
48 19.06 0.750 = ¾ in.

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Warning: Do not use enemas or laxatives if abdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting are present unless directed by your health care provider.
Rectal bleeding or failure to have a bowel movement after use of a laxative or enema may indicate a serious condition.
Discontinue use and consult your health care provider.

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